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A relatively newer product in the market, GenF20 Plus™ is an enhanced human growth hormone releaser formula that incorporates three well-known powerful compounds and antioxidants – resveratrol, acai berry and green tea extract. Each of these ingredients has the ability to support healthy cardiovascular function, cleanse / detox your entire body and boost your lethargic metabolism respectively.

Benefits that will gradually become more noticeable include faster weight loss, the ability to sleep better, improved muscle tone, younger looking skin, shiny and healthier hair, improved alertness and higher energy levels.

With such a combination of proven ingredients, the merchant believes that this product is possibly the most potent non-invasive solution to counter the onset of aging, wrinkles, energy loss and weight gain.

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With the inclusion of the three powerful ingredients mentioned earlier, GenF20 Plus appears to be one of the most advanced anti aging HGH releaser product available in the market. Unfortunately, despite our extensive research, we were unable to find consumer feedback at third party websites. However, if you wish to try this product without financial risk, you can do so by taking advantage of its money back guarantee.

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Additional Details

Company Information

This product is marketed online by Leading Edge through, a domain that has been registered since October 2008.

Ordering Options: Online, Phone, Fax, Mail
Payment Options: Major credit & charge cards, Checks, Money Order
Delivery (US): 2-5 days
Delivery (Non-US): 3-7 days

Specifications / Additional Details About Product

Gen F 20 Plus is an enhanced HGH releaser formula that also contains

- Resveratrol
- Acai Berry
- Green Tea Extract

Each box contains 120 capsules. Daily use is recommended for optimum results. According to the merchant, many customers reported visible results after 3 months of use.


From USD$ 40.83 per month. Various bonuses apply.

Return Policy

60 day money back guarantee + one week return shipping. Shipping and handling charges apply.

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