Rejuvenate 2000 More HGH

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Exclusively formulated by Doctor Safron, Rejuvenate 2000™’s More HGH contains a specially formulated Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (master hormone) Formula that comprises several potencies of HGH (also known as Homecords).

According to the merchant, different potencies used based on age and gender seems to be more efficient in meeting the requirements of these different groups of people.

The merchant claims that this product does work with results felt within the first 7 to 45 days, where customers will experience more energy, better sleep patterns, improved eyesight, improved mental clarity, improved skin tone and improved muscle tone.

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Rejuvenate 2000′s More HGH is one of the few HGH releaser products with different formulations that have supposedly benefited people of different gender and age groups. We are however concerned that we were unable to find consumer feedback on 3rd party websites / forums despite claims by the merchant that thousands of people have benefited from this product. While there is a 30-day money back guarantee, we feel that it may be a little too short a duration for many first-time users to experience noticeable results.

In view of this, this product could not be rated higher.

In our opinion, it is better to look at a solution with high ratings such as GenF20 HGH. This is because, unlike Rejuvenate 2000, this product comes with unconditional money back guarantee and we were able to find, on several 3rd party websites, comments of actual customers who had experienced positive results.

Additional Details

Company Information

You can buy Rejuvenate 2000 More HGH online through, a domain that has been registered since May 2001.

Ordering Options: Online
Payment Options: Major credit cards
Delivery: Shipped 3 – 10 business days from time of receipt

Specifications / Additional Details About Product

The active ingredients and potencies of the various Rejuvenate 2000 More HGH formulations are described below:

A. Male HGH Plus Formula:

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – 7C, 9C
Chelidonium Majus – 7C, 9C
Phosphoricum Acidium – 7C, 9C
Agnus Castus – 7C, 9C
Avena Sativa – 7C. 9C

B. Male HGH Athletic Formula:

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – 9C, 15C, 30C
Chelidonium Majus – 9C, 15C
Phosphoricum Acidium – 9C, 15C
Agnus Castus – 9C, 15C
Avena Sativa – 9C. 15C

C. Female HGH Formula – Age 21 to 40

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – 7C, 9C
Sepia 7C, 9C
Cimicfuga 7C, 9C
Pulsatilla 7C, 9C
Avena Sativa – 7C, 9C

D. Female HGH Formula – Age 40 Plus

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – 9C, 15C
Sepia 9C, 15C
Cimicfuga 9C, 15C
Pulsatilla 9C, 15C
Avena Sativa – 9C, 15C

E. Female HGH Athletic Formula

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – 9C, 15C, 30C
Sepia 9C, 15C
Cimicfuga 9C, 15C
Pulsatilla 9C, 15C
Avena Sativa – 9C, 15C

F. PM HGH Formula (For Men and Women)

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone – 3C, 7C
Chamomilla – 3C, 7C
Ignatia – 3C, 7C
Eschscholzia – 3C, 7C
Zincum Val. – 3C, 7C

G. V Max for Women


H. HGH Booster
(Every 3 tablets)

B-6 – 50 MG
L-Arginine HCL – 500 MG
L-Glutamine – 500 MG
L-Isoleucine – 150 MG
L-Leucine – 500 MG
L-Lysine – 250 MG
L-Ornithine HCL – 100 MG
L-Valine – 150 MG
GABA – 250 MG
Tribulis Terrestris – 100 MG
Colostrum – 100 MG


USD$ 69.95.

Return Policy

30 day money back guarantee.

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